Broadway Pharmacy

Providing healthcare spaces, that truly sit in the heart of a community.

The brief: create a space that reflects the new direction of the pharmacy, an inviting part of the community to not only help those with illness but providing wellness support to the area they serve.

Equinox started with the client journey and experience, almost ripping out the whole of the existing design to create a space that felt intimate and inviting, whilst also being spacious and safe.

Working with the team to ensure that this new look met the expectations of their new rebrand to Cure Clinics; Equinox designed private consultation and clinic rooms, including a new cosmetic treatment suite. The rest of the ground floor space was transformed into a dedicated retail and service area, with bespoke branded retail units and demo benches manufactured by the Equinox team.

Entrances and corridors carried a modern, on brand, formal look.  We felt it important that visitors saw not only something unique and out-of-the-ordinary, but the professional reflection of In Touch too. We still injected the right amount of cool, but it was when the visitor was guided in to the office where things really came to life.

Mainly bright, airy and open plan, employee work stations were cool and comfortable.  They looked on to the ‘Lawn Club’ breakout areas with faux grass, a fully functioning bar and table tennis tables.  A few deck chairs were scattered about too, and guitars were mounted to exposed brickwork.

A new take on healthcare

Clinical doesn’t have to mean uninviting. The new look had to bring a sense of community as well as of course being a healthcare facility.
Large, branded quotes set with relaxed seating creates a home away from home feel. Large full-length windows not only invite people into the space but provides natural lighting throughout the downstairs interior. Moss wall panels throughout the design provide a touch of nature, a holistic ambience to the design.

The private first floor provided an extended dispensary, to cater for even more community prescriptions. Removing the previous walls created an open plan workspace that met the clients brief of being efficient, safe, and comfortable for staff to work in.

Heading out to the exterior, Equinox needed to showcase the new look of the pharmacy; a modern, community hub. No detail was missed, from the large, illuminated branding, the bespoke 24/7 prescription dispenser all the way down to re-laying parking tarmac and markings.

It’s always interesting to transform a space to embody our clients’ values and mission, even with the added complexities in healthcare environments. So, for us, when a customer walks in to Broadway Pharmacy and feels calm and confident in their surroundings, that’s a job well done.

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See part two of our journey with Cure Clinics, when we designed + installed their latest venture, Dentistry by Cure Clinics.

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