Dentistry by Cure Clinics

After working closely with the Cure Clinics team on their Broadway Pharmacy redesign, it was an honour to work with them again for their latest offering, Dentistry by Cure Clinics.

The brief: Create a modern dentistry environment which ensures clients are calm and comforted throughout their dentistry experience.

A brand extension.

Having redesigned the look of Broadway Pharmacy the team knew the style and feel that the Cure Clinics team wanted to achieve for their second premises. But as this was a new location, with a new purpose, the team set about to creating another inviting, warm community space that had a new take on the clinical environment normally associated with dentistry.

This time taking a prime location within a retail hub, subtle branding helped transform the industrial space, the brand tones creating a sleek, modern finish with a hint of Cure Clinics yellow to soften the design.

Creating a space where members not only visit when needing a ‘cure’ but also a space where they can seek preventative and cosmetic care meant that the design had to be built around the customer experience and journey. Luckily the Equinox team are all about creating experiences. The design had to comfortably answer the following: What environments would patients want a consultation in? Where could presentations and demonstrations be given on open days? How would the space be friendly and welcoming to all, including children?

Living walls, soft lighting and timber finishes all were chosen for the large open welcome area for members to relax whilst they wait.

A consultation room is divided by frosted glazed windows, not only to provide privacy but also to allow even more natural light into the space. Soft furnishings and upholstered walls were chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere when patients are talking about their dental needs.

State-of-the-art dentistry technology was fitted in each of the four treatment rooms, simply designed for optimising the patient treatment.

No part of the design was an afterthought, even through to the staff facilities, with employees spending roughly a third of their day at work, Equinox ensured that the Dentistry team have somewhere spacious and comfortable to spend their downtime.

Another healthcare design from Space by Equinox, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Cure Clinics.

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