Tony Hawk

When we were asked if we’d like to design and brand up a fit-out for Tony Hawk’s clothing range, the we all got a bit excited in the studio.

You see, we all played his Pro Skater video game on the PlayStation back in the 90s, and the retro nostalgic feel kicked in.

So this was a brief that we didn’t have to think twice about. We resisted the temptation to get the PS One out, and instead looked to do one of our teenage heroes proud.

Firstly, we were to design up a store within a store. It needed to reflect the style of the Tony Hawk brand which had a kind of skater-meets-summer vibe. With that, we had to create a bright and fresh area to reflect the collection.

With hero shots to emphasise collections we created a space that was was attractive to the younger age group, and cool for those who were a bit older and remember the Tony Hawk name.

A nice touch we incorporated were shelves made out of skateboards.

Very subtle…but when you noticed them, very effective.

And when we’d finished, the man himself was there to give his seal of approval on the fit out.

We'd definitely hit the mark, and we'd created a fit that complemented the look, it's surroundings, and appealed to the customers who couldn't wait to get their hands on the latest Tony Hawk gear.

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