Life Kitchens

Showroom Award Winner

When Life contacted us about a new showroom in London, they told us they wanted something that was individual to them, and reflected what they do. Not only did we create something pretty special, we created an award-winning space that we were seriously proud of.

Their location already offers a cool difference.  They’re in a space in South-East London, between the CP Hart showrooms beneath Waterloo’s railway arches.

It’s a world away from a typical retail outlet, and that provided the inspiration to deliver a truly stunning concept for the store.

Working with Life Kitchens was a little bit like looking in the mirror.  They create experiences for their customers, something that we do for ours.

So, we were on the same page straight away – we knew what they wanted, and they knew we’d deliver the right showroom for them.

Whilst the family business is on its 5th generation, Life is a new offering within the group that was bound to succeed.   Life required its own identity, and that began as soon as you walked in through the front door.

The industry meets modern look was perfect for the space: leaving the brickwork of the arches exposed on the ceiling and accenting that with Life’s kitchen floor products.

Equinox Life Kitchens 2019

And Life’s kitchens were tastefully placed to complement the layout and the space they were in.  We were a world away from your standard kitchen showroom – it had a certain feel about it. Customers really could experience Life and its premium offering.  It was stylish, cool and contemporary.

It wasn’t just the client who was wowed by what we’d created.  Industry magazine BKU were amazed by the space, so much so that it gave Life Kitchens its 2019 Kitchen Showroom of the Year award.

Pleasing Life, and pleasing us.

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