New Balance

Berlin Store

New Balance’s job is to aid athletes in their pursuit of excellence. And it was our job to help New Balance do just that in their store on the Münzstraße in Berlin.

With a product range that owns the perfect blend of function and fashion, their outlet in the German capital was in need of a shot of energy to get the place in good shape and bring it to life.

So, they called us in and told us about the sort of things they’d like to achieve. They had a vision that we understood, and we could add that little bit extra. It was an inspirational kind of thing on both sides, and we couldn’t wait to get started on the project.

There were obvious improvements we could make immediately. A successful athlete stands out from the competition, so ensuring some of New Balance’s leading and vivid products took centre stage was obvious. The positioning of carefully selected items of their entire range would not only add to store aesthetics, it’d make the customer hungry to find out more.

The place also needed to be flooded in tasteful, but bright and vibrant light. Imagine a track event in the evening, where athletes need a clear view of where they’re going or what they’re aiming for. And spectators need good light for viewing? That kind of thing was needed in the store.

So, then it came to the features and finishing touches.  The store is more than just a shop that sells sportswear. It’s a fashion outlet in a sporting environment.

Backdrops, signage and wall branding needed careful consideration. Hero images and large print graphics were complimented with cool, more subtle typography. And the Audio Visual element captured the eye too.

We know that New Balance have some of the coolest film footage of their brand going, so we wanted to present that to customers in a way that stood out. Simple screens dotted around the store wouldn’t have cut it – that’s what everyone else does.

So we chose the ceiling. Angled from the ceiling right above the entrance.  And with great video content in a noticeable but unusual location, it created intrigue from the moment someone walked in to New Balance.

We’d done this internal transformation for New Balance that worked. A customer walks in to the store now, and they’re hit between the eyes with exactly what this sportwear giant are all about. An absolute winner.

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