Whitecroft Lighting

As one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of commercial lighting, Whitecroft Lighting wanted visitors to have a great first impression of their 10,000m2 design and manufacturing facility from the moment they walked in to it.

With people coming in from commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and residential industries, they asked us to give them a cool and stylish reception area that'd impress them at first sight.

Whitecroft Equinox

Lighting isn’t just an aide to see where you’re going.  It sets the mood, it creates highlights and it helps to create an atmosphere.

So we needed to give Whitecroft an entrance that was bright, clean, sharp…and give it a modern touch that allowed what they do to…shine.

Something that reflected what Whitecroft were all about.

Lightbulb Moments

For us, giving a contemporary look would be simple.  We have the design capabilities, and when it came to lighting – we were working with the best lighting company in the UK!

So between us, all these ideas for their reception area just kept on coming!

And it proved to be a partnership that made the concept grow in to something great.

Whitecroft Equinox
More than just lights

But there needed to be more than just a cool entrance that was lit well.

Visitors were coming to the facility to learn about what Whitecroft do. How their business works, from end to end, and just how much work goes in to what they put out.

So it was essential that a snapshot of this was highlighted too, and to break up the clean walls and the bright lights we ensured large, clear imagery of what they did tastefully adorned the walls.

A space that shines

We’d worked well with Whitecroft Lighting, and we understood each other perfectly.  We chose a colourscheme of mainly cool grey and white, which was broken up with flashes of yellow and bold imagery to catch the eye.

It also showcased their capabilities in a snapshot, and it looked modern and professional.

We’d created a great space, that was a great first impression for the visitor to give them confidence in who they were about to meet.

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