How to write an effective workplace interior design brief

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Every project starts with discovery – to help us help you, defining a written explanation of your aims and objectives keeps everyone on the same page. Here’s how to get the most out of us…

A thorough and articulate brief is a critical part of the design process. It helps create a mutual understanding, allowing us to focus on exactly what you want to achieve by undertaking the project. In addition, the brief will become an essential point of reference for both parties from concept to completion.

By creating a brief it also ensures that all important design issues are considered and questioned from the offset, allowing the project to flow smoothly and with as much transparency as possible between us and you, the client.

a great starting point.

Begin by setting some goals and provide details about what you want to achieve – and by when. We can help with how to achieve it and will provide a detailed project analysis as part of our next steps.

A short honest overview of your company or organisation is a great start when writing brief. Details on your image, corporate identity and ethos are equally helpful. But most important of all is information about your space – we will undertake a detailed survey in time, but the more upfront information, the better.

setting goals.

Good design in all its forms can have a huge influence on any business’s success – but to be successful, clear goals must be set. Sitting down and writing your brief can help clarify your thoughts too. It might even make you rethink or question your original ideas and preconceptions.

Ask for opinions. Discuss with your colleagues. Survey your employees to gauge reactions and understand what they would like to see in their workplace. Including these ideas at the beginning will save time and money in the long run, rather than trying to work them in later. Provide examples of what you think is effective or relevant to your space. Pinterest boards help, along with any links or references to other projects you’ve seen – even if it’s to show what you don’t want!

You can provide any ideas or inspiration in any medium. If your favourite restaurant or retail environment provides the atmosphere that you would like to emulate, then tell us about it. Express your opinions the best way you can. It helps us get to know you and your business culture from the very beginning.

let’s talk money!

It’s good to have an idea of budget, even if it’s only a ball-park figure at the start. This gives us a good idea of the type of solution we can offer and then tailor it accordingly.

timing is everything.

Timing is always important, so get your brief to us as early as you can. Let us know if, and when, you have to present solutions to your board or stakeholders, or if the project has any tender submission deadlines. In return, we will provide you with a full project timeline from beginning to end and update its status daily.

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